The Jamboree returned to Ft. A P Hill south of Washington, D.C. The Jamboree location was not on the patches. The word had gone out that this would be the last Jamboree at Ft. A P Hill.

Attendance is reported at about 50,000 (Wikipedia), elsewhere it’s quoted 43-45,000 (OA website). I’ve commented that attendance figures seem to be fluid. Being the 100th Anniversary probably brought out more attendance than usual. Barack Obama was President, he did not attend but sent an inspirational recorded video message.
The Jamboree theme was Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey, it was on the back of hats and elsewhere. A BSA 2010 logo was available but not used on official Jamboree patches.
2010 boy scout jamboree patches
Participants received two embroidered patches. There were patches for youth, another for adult leaders, one for staff and another for members of the military. There was a special patch of the basic Jamboree design for VIP’s that visited. Scouts received one neckerchiefs, and a Scout Guide to the Jamboree. A triangle shaped patch was available for purchase by day-visitors at the trading Posts.
2010 boy scout jamboree patches
Variations in the youth pocket patch
Variations in the youth pocket patch
 Youth Type 1. 3” round. Center is embroidered. Larger Tenderfoot logo. The 2 in 2010 is on gold bkg. There is a “wave” in the second red stripe of the flag. This is the only variety of the pocket patch that has a “wave” in the red stripe. Only 3 red stripes. The 3” patch is Made in the USA.
Variations in the youth pocket patch 
Youth Type 2, 2 7/8” round. Center is sublimated, not embroidered. The 2 in 2010 is on the red bkg. There is no wave in the second red stripe of the flag. 4 red stripes, in some varieties the top red strip is smaller or larger. The 2 7/8” badge is Made in China.  
Getting "picky" with the 2 7/8" patch 
youth patches

There is a variation in the 2 7/8” youth patch made in China. The background is sublimated (printed), but the Tenderfoot logo appears slightly bigger with more red behind it. The amount of red above the Fleur de Leis varies from just a small line to a 1/2” stripe. The size of the Fleur de Leis is different but so minor that its hard to notice unless you have two side by side.
Getting "picky" with the 3" youth patch 
youth 3 in patches 
2010 scout patch artwork
This is the artwork for the 2010 patch. It’s most similar to the 3 1/2” adult leader patch. All red behind 2010. No “wave” in the flag. This is probably the design that was given the embroidery companies to work from.

Somehow in shrinking the patch to 3” (or 2 7/8”) the bottom gold area went lower and the positioning of 2010 changed. I can’t explain where the “wave” came from, it seems to only be on patches made in the USA.

What’s Sublimation? Sublimation was a new process about 2010. A design is “printed” on a polyester background material. The colors are permanently embedded into the fabric and said to be impervious to the suns rays, or laundering. My research indicates that patches with sublimation were made in China.

The adult leader, staff and Visitor patches all have sublimation. The 2 7/8” youth patch has sublimation. The youth patches were needed in large volume and National BSA probably split the order between overseas and domestic manufacturers. I don’t believe domestic manufacturers used sublimation, at least in 2010.
2010 scout jamboree patches 
(above 3rd image from left)- The round 6" embroidered patch, surfaced in 2023.  I have been unable to document it's authenticity. One sold on eBay very reasonably which also makes me question it's authenticity.
Subcamp patches and neckerchiefs 
The design of the subcamp patches is printed on the back of the neckerchief to form a 100. Map neckerchief The idea was Scouts would collect the subcamp patches and sew them on the neckerchief, few did.
position patches
A trend started at the 2010 Jamboree of making special patches for National Jamboree top leadership.
At later Jamborees this would be taken to extremes, but it started in 2010.
3 1/2in round 2010 jamboree patch 

3 1/2” round printed canvas/polyester. I bought this patch, when it arrived I realized that it had been attached (glued) to something. There were several pieces of Jamboree equipment that have the logo either sewn in, sewn on, or glued. This 3 1/2” emblem might be off a duffel bag. Further research will identify the different emblems used on Jamboree gear.
2010 bsa jamboree gear 
2010 bsa jamboree shirts 

With the 100th Anniversary there was probably more gear in the Jamboree catalog than in previous years. I was struck that the trend I observed in 2005 of “optional” shirts continued. The OA Service Corp wore blue fishing shirts. There have always been T shirts, but there were different colored polo shirts as well as short sleeve “outdoor” shirts. The Jamboree jacket didn’t have the backpatch.
patches and hats at the 2010 bsa jamboree 
2010 bsa jamboree activity center patch 

The Activity Areas were: Canoe Slalom, Canoe Spring, Fishing, Kayak Fun, Snorkel Search, Discovery Scuba, Racing Shell Fun, Raft Encounter, Conservation, The Outdoor Adventure, Merit Badge Midway, National Exhibits, Brownsea Island Camp, Technology Quest, K2BSA, and American Indian Village.

The participation theme from previous Jamborees was used. Scouts could earn six segments to be worn around the Jamboree patch. A scoreboard was published in Jamboree Today and in the Scout Guide. Staff members at the different activity areas applied a stamp to the scorecard indicating participation.
100 % participation award 

Recognition was available for Scoutmasters whose youth fully participation in the activities.
Something NEW in BSA patches in 2010 CUT edge patches 
Starting in 2010 many official Jamboree issue patches had a cut edge rather than a rolled edge border. The “rolled edge” had been used for years. In the past, after embroidery the patch was run though a machine that “whipped” a border around the edges. In theory this was to prevent the edges from unraveling, although there are few examples of cut edge patches actually unraveling. About 2010 some embroidery companies decided that with modern embroidery and plastic backing the rolled edge border was unnecessary.  
sublimated patches
 2010 bsa patch backing
Patches made by “approved” suppliers had a special backing and sometimes labels on patches. These backings were on patches made domestically as well as overseas. Many official Jamboree patches were made in China, they usually have a Made in China sticker. 
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