The 1964 Jamboree returned east to Valley Forge, PA from Idaho.Much of the infrastructure from 1957 was in place.Valley Forge with its close
proximity to the historic sights in Philadelphia was a perfect location for a Jamboree. The Worlds Fair in NYC, only two hours from Valley Forge
was a huge attraction, many contingents toured the Worlds Fair. Jamboree troops contained 40 people. 32 boys in four 8-man patrols, 5 boy
leaders (SPL, 2-JASM, Scribe and Quartermaster, a Scoutmaster and two assistants. The theme was Strengthen America’s Heritage, which was
part of a broader national BSA campaign. 50,960 Scouts, Explorers and leaders were in attendance with up to 200,000 visitors.

Special acknowledgement to Bruce Shelly of Illinois, the "dean" of 1964 collecting for his assistance.

The number of visitors was becoming a difficulty that future Jamboree planners would have to contend with. Having the Jamboree at a state park had advantages for entrance, egress and security, but few state parks have parking for 25,000+ vehicles daily. With the Worlds Fair in NYC some troops that were not registered for the Jamboree, came as visitors. Handling traffic and the volume of visitors in and out of the Jamboree was becoming a problem. For more detailed information see the last pages for copies of the Jamboree Fact Sheets.

1964 Jamboree badges row 1
Scouts received two embroidered badges and neckerchiefs, ID cards and baggage tags.
back side of badges row 2 
The backs are probably the easiest way to identify the differences, but look closely at the position of the foot to the 4.The position and shape of the hands, the size of 1964 is larger on C.The position of the top of the FDL to the letter B. Picky, yes but again anyone can collect what they wish.  
The 1964 Jamboree badge was made in huge quantities. There are backing types which probably indicates different manufacturers. Enlarge the images and you can identify the slight differences. The patch also exists with a plastic back but the plastic back treatment wasn’t available in 1964. It’s from the reproduction set.  

Ordinary 1964 patches have a gold mylar embroidered fleur de leis. This patch has a gold, no mylar, , FDL. It could be a mistake in loading thread or it might be a prototype. I have looked through hundreds of 1964 patches and for years on e Bay and not found one.
Woven badges
A woven badge was available at the Trading Posts. There are varieties of border colors red, maroon to burgundy. This was caused in the manufacturing process when a slightly different color thread was used. One shade isn’t more scarce. You can watch for these and decide for yourself.
valley forge hat patchvalley forge hat patch

The patch to the left is the Valley Forge Council Staff hat patch. Diamond shaped hat patches were popular in this era. But, again it’s from the Council, probably used by camp or professional staff.
1964 Valley Forge Pack Badge

To the right, the 6" back patch was available.  I have looked at dozens of back patches and have discovered no varieties.  But thousands were made and a couple dozen insn't much of a sampling.

To the very far right a 4 1/2" leather pack badge was avalable at the Trading posts
1980 reproduction

Howard Ang, Howardson 1980’s reproduction.
Fully embroidered original is not fully embroidered. Oriental looking lettering 6 1/4” round.
1964 National Jamboree Neckerchiefs

There are two silk (rayon?) neckerchiefs. The one to the left
is printed while the one on the right is embroidered.

Both are believed to be official. Both weren’t available at
all trading posts.
Prototypes - pre-Jamboree Samples
Prototype Sample
These are from the Bernie Miller collection. Bernie Miller was the BSA Photographer during this era. It seems likely that he might have connections at the National Office to receive samples.

Although just because they were in a collection is no guarantee of authenticity or status as prototypes. The fact that they are so different than the accepted design is troubling. I’ll report, you decide.
1964 Boy Scout Jamboree Information Guides
By 1964 the BSA knew how to turn a state park into a campground for 50,000 Scouts and leaders. Procedures developed at previous
Jamborees were in place. There is a myriad of printed material covering every aspect of the Jamboree.
1964 Boy Scout Jamboree Information Packs
I have continually elaborated about the seemingly almost insurmountable obstacles and logistics at a Jamboree. The 1964 Section Leaders Guide outlines the following positions.
1964 Boy Scout Jamboree Section Leaders Guide
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