The theme for the 1935 National Jamboree was recognition of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the BSA. President Franklin Roosevelt was a strong supporter of Scouting. He invited the BSA to camp on the grounds of the US capitol. Many parts of the country were still suffering from the financial depression of the early 1930’s . The Jamboree would be an opportunity for Scouts to visit the capitol, tour the historic landmarks and showcase all that is good in Scouting and the USA.

It was a huge undertaking. The National Park Service, branches of the military engineering services, Washington DC Police and Fire all had to coordinate projects. Latrines, picnic tables and dozens of other things needed to be constructed. Health and Safety had to be planned. Men taking professional scouting training at Schiff often stayed in the area for weeks working at the site. Ultimately, because of a threat of a polio epidemic, the Jamboree was cancelled, although some west coast units had already left home and were touring in route to Washington.

3" round embroidered
1935 Boy Scout National Jamboree Neckerchiefs

Shoulder strips were issued to all Scouts. The Roman Numeral (VI) identifies the BSA Region.
The letter identified the subcamp, the number the troop. There were 12 Regions with dozens of subcamps and hundreds of troops.
1935 Certificate Red & Blue Scout and adult full square neckerchiefs. Adult neckerchiefs have the Jamboree logo stenciled.

Red neckerchiefs were for “in camp” wear. Blue
were for out of camp. Scoutmasters kept the blue neckerchief, giving them to scouts who had permission to leave the camp.
black 1935 buy scout jamboree shoulder patch
Sea Scouts were to have their own camp, by the water. They were to participate in activities more attuned to their interests. A visit to the US Naval Academy, boating and water related activities.
Authentic 1935 National Jamboree Boy Scout Patches 
Authentic1935 Jamboree Two shades of gold in the starbursts. Unique gauze backing. Compare the position of the starbursts to lettering.  
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Paul Myers Goshen, Indiana